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What better way to say thank you or well done to your team or customers than a gift card they can spend at any retailer in the World on anything they want?

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“Their Perfect Gift” card is the market’s PREMIUM Gift Card, due to the flexibility and security it offers.

They can treat themselves to a delicious meal, a stylish new suit, a holiday abroad… The list is endless.

Our cards give your team and customers the choice to select a gift that really means something to them.

Customer referrals

We will do the complete end to end fulfilment of any of our Gift Cards to your customers or staff, be it as part of a marketing campaign or a compensation process. We can be flexible with load amounts, with our standard being in £5 increments.

No fees for setup or customised messaging. Simply ask for the bulk order template. 

Marketing agency? We’ve got you

Almost half of our corporate work is through marketing agencies, so we know just what you need to make your life easy and stress-free.

Get in touch and we’ll talk you through how it all works!

Why choose TheirPerfectGift?

Spend Anywhere

Choose £ or € and spend at any retailer in the World that accepts MasterCard©, in-store and online. What better way to say thank you? Your staff and employees will love you for always giving their perfect gift.



Upload a photo, logo and personal message and we’ll design a personalised email for virtual cards or greetings card for physical cards, from just £249. Coming soon, personalised videos that play when our cards are activated from just £499. Yes we know, we’re rather proud of that one!


Our corporate manager will do all the heavy lifting for you. You tell us what you need and we’ll take care of it. All we need to know is where to send the gift cards. Plus we’re the only place you can load up to £1,500 to a single card!


Time to spend



Easy to manage

A few case studies

Great experience

Great experience. Very helpful customer service and prompt delivery. Would highly recommend and use Company again. Thanks!


Excellent!! 11 out of 10

These guys have helped us for years with our staff rewards and they have never put a foot wrong. Thish and the team are excellent. 

Dan, Birmingham

Excellent product

Excellent product, very versatile. Great support staff also, they are timely and useful assistance during activation.

Graham Chadwick

Your options

tUnder £2000/€2000

Over £2000/€2000

Special Request?

Please note: Physical balances above £150/€150 will be applied to multiple cards (unless corporate due diligence completed in which up to £1500/€1500 can be applied per card). We can only ship physical cards to Europe (and only countries in the SEPA region). International deliveries (from the UK) will take around 10 working days. All cards MUST be registered to addresses in Europe.

Our pricing

Physical Cards


Load up to £100/€100 for just £4.99

Load between £101/€101 & £150/€150 for just £7.49

Load between £151/€151 & £200/€200 for just £9.99

£200/€200 or more for 15% of load (balances above £150/€150 will be applied to multiple cards)

Virtual gift cards


Load up to £100/€100 for just £3.99

Load up to £200/€200 for just £6.99

£200/€200 – £250/€250 for 10% of load

Powered by Mastercard©

When you buy a retailer gift card your cash goes into their bank and they only let you use the card with them.

When you buy our gift card Mastercard© protects your cash, and let you spend it at any retailer in the world on anything you want.

Good isn’t it!

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