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What better way to send a loved one a thoughtful, personalised gift than a card they can spend anywhere in the World on anything they want?

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Women love it!

Don’t take our word for it, see what Heidi, Angela and Kate think about our personalised gift cards, straight from the Loose Women dinner table!

Your personalised gift card will cost you little more than a quality off-the-shelf card and postage, without even leaving the house!

The Loose Women call it thoughtful cash, and we like that!

Why choose TheirPerfectGift?

Spend Anywhere

Choose £ or € and spend at any retailer in the World that accepts MasterCard©, in-store and online. What better way to send a thoughtful gift? Your friends and family will love you for always giving their perfect gift.



Upload a photo and personal message and we’ll design a personalised email for virtual cards or greetings card for physical cards. Coming soon, personalised videos that play when our cards are activated. Yes we know, we’re rather proud of that one!


You don’t even need to leave your house. You can load up to £150 per card and order up to £2,000 in total per order. And you can activate your card, check your balance and more online in a browser or our phone app!


Time to spend



Easy to manage

Great experience

Great experience. Very helpful customer service and prompt delivery. Would highly recommend and use Company again. Thanks!


Excellent!! 11 out of 10

These guys have helped us for years with our staff rewards and they have never put a foot wrong. Thish and the team are excellent. 

Dan, Birmingham

Excellent product

Excellent product, very versatile. Great support staff also, they are timely and useful assistance during activation.

Graham Chadwick

Your options

Physical Gift Cards

Virtual Gift Cards

Please note: We can only ship physical cards to Europe (and only countries in the SEPA region). International deliveries (from the UK) will take around 10 working days. All cards MUST be registered to addresses in Europe.

Our pricing

Physical Cards


Load up to £100/€100 for just £4.99

Load between £101/€101 & £150/€150 for just £7.49

Load between £151/€151 & £200/€200 for just £9.99

Virtual gift cards


Load up to £100/€100 for just £3.99

Load up to £200/€200 for just £6.99

£200/€200 - £250/€250 for 10% of load

Powered by Mastercard©

When you buy a retailer gift card your cash goes into their bank and they only let you use the card with them.

When you buy our gift card Mastercard© protects your cash, and let you spend it at any retailer in the world on anything you want.

Good isn’t it!