I have a virtual card, How does it work?

Follow the instructions that come with the Virtual Card.

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  1. Your virtual TheirPerfectGift voucher will be emailed from “activation@cardportal.com”.
  2. Activate the gift card via Cardportal by using the 9digit SAN and 6digit access code ONLY. This is printed on the voucher.
  3. In the Registration Page, replace all details found, with your own. You will need to complete the page in full (read & accept the t&c).
  4. Your card is ready to use.

The CVV code is displayed when you click the “REVEAL CVV” button (CVV currently only available when in Cardportal NOT in the App).

You can retrieve your card details by accessing Cardportal anytime. So make sure you remember your SAN & Access Code. You can also access Cardportal via the Card Management tab on our website (either to “check balance” or to “activate“)

You CANNOT transfer funds out of the card at all. You CANNOT top the virtual card up with external funds.

The card is accepted ANYWHERE that Mastercard is accepted, but you can only spend the card on-line using the correct billing details (that you registered the card to) and the correct expiry date appearing on screen.

You can “add card” to the TheirPerfecrGift App, which is downloaded from the AppStore and Googleplay. This will help you monitor balance and transactions and provide access to Card holder benefits. It will NOT Amalgamate your cards.

The card cannot be added to iOS or Android payment mechanism on your smart phone.

The card expires on the date appearing on screen.