Why do I need to activate my card before use?

We implemented an “activation” process for all our cards to protect your money through transit and also be compliant with the E-money regulations.

We post your card using Royal Mail in the delivery class we were instructed to and at the same time we email an activation code to the email address we were instructed to. This might be the purchaser or the recipient.

Please look for an email from “activation@cardportal.com” in your inbox and your spam/junk folder.

If you cannot find the code, then email us at “love@theirperfectgift.co.uk”, or ask the person who ordered the card. For security reasons, we can only reveal codes to people we have on file.

Once you have your card and activation code, visit our website and select “Activate Gift Card” from the “Need Help” tab on the Main Menu. Then simply follow the 4step activation guideline.

PLEASE remember the PIN on your Chip&PIN card, as it will cost you a fee to retrieve a new one. We cannot identify the original PIN for you as this is randomly generated for security reasons.

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