Card Expiry

Magnetic Strip Cards sold BEFORE 1 July 2019 – Your card WILL CEASE to work on the date shown on screen when you first activate your card (or check your balance). You will usually have 12 months from the date your card is first loaded with money, to spend the funds.

On the rare occasion the date shown on the physical card is less than 12 months from first load, your card will expire on the date printed on the physical the gift card. The date printed on the card is essentially a “stock expiry” date, when the card will cease to work (for loading purposes on our side). It DOES NOT represent when your funds expire.

Magnetic Strip Cards sold AFTER 1 July 2019 – Your Card will cease to work on the earliest of:

1). 12 months from first activating the card (the date appearing on screen); or

2). The Expiry date printed on the front of the card.

We hope this preserves the longevity of your usage and reduced the confusion as to when the card expires. The Gift Card will come with a Sticker that highlights this!

If your card has expired, please complete the Card Re-Issue Form ASAP as fees apply in line with the Fee Schedule.

Chip & PIN Cards – Your card will expire on the expiry date printed on the front of the card

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